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The Pixies covered The Jesus & Mary Chain’s Head On for their Trompe Le Monde album.

Working as a DJ had it’s perks, but also drawbacks. For every attractive girl filrting with you in the hope you’ll play Cute Girl Band – Catchy Guitar Power Pop, there’s a bitter young man that cannot for the life of him understand why you wouldn’t play Obscure Twee Americana Rock Band – The Self Published Years Single Three Mexican Limited Edition 10″ B Side.

I worked with one other guy that had rather poor taste in music and a lack of confidence with women. Failed relationships do that to some folk I guess, but messed up families can be more of a contributing factor. This fellow’s father had a fairly unique collection of movies, or rather a collection of movie scenes. If a film that he had seen previously was on again, the special reel would come out to have a few minutes added to it.

This video cassette featured nothing but explosions and car chases. When we saw it, there was approximately an hour and a half of snippets of movies, edited with all the grace of, well, a car crash.

I’d like to think there was also an accompanying pornography reel, but that one would have been better hidden no doubt.

Last time I met the DJ guy, he was trying to avoid my gaze in a record store. As I’ve moved on from that and don’t see these people anymore, I was determined to rub it in. As it was, he seemed to lack an element of self, with crusted toothpaste around the mouth and lies about how he was an IRC courier coming out of it.

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