All posts for the month December, 2006


This is intended as a rummage through the bins of the internet, digging up the music files that no-one else wants.

If you or someone you represent finds any of the content objectionable/infringing on your copyright, please let me know via the following email address.


Tangentially this is an mp3 blog, Drink deeply but responsibly.

I had to change the theme, it was annoying me. I’ve always been substance over style, but damn that theme was horrid. I know it looks a bit slashdot these days, but it’s better than nothing.

Starting on January 1st 2007, I intend to post one track a day, for a year. Each track will somehow link to the one preceding it, even if the relationship is somewhat tenuous.

Tracks will persist for one week from posting, although may be removed beforehand if there is any contention from aggravated parties. This is intended as both a celebration and an appreciation of music that others may not have heard and as an experiment in personal writing.