Although he wasn’t at the time of this issue going to print. Title is a reference to a slew of bad techno / happy hardcore / novelty technopop records from the early 90s which usually sampled JB’s trademark grunts (or something else repetitively, like the smurfs.) into something stupid, see James Brown is Dead, James Brown is Still Alive, James Brown Has Sex, Michael Jackson is in Heaven now, Jackin’ James, Who The Fuck Is James Brown? etc.

(A list of really terrible things can be found here here, and just maybe I’ll have mixed a load of them all together at the end of this post. Let’s find out!)

Record Mirror April 23rd, 1988.

Prefab Sprout on the cover, but maybe more interesting is the James Brown article, which has a kind of uncomfortable looking picture with him and Coldcut.

Note the mention of James’ troubles with the courts, I think this is the incident which inspired Pop Will Eat Itself – Not Now James, We’re Busy.

Towards the end of the piece is a mention of a collaboration with Full Force. This track was followed by Static, which was to be James Brown’s last top 10 hit in the US.

Elsewhere, further coverage of the Prestatyn Soul Weekender in the Dance section.

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Actually, no mix this week, did start but screwed it up somewhere (and no, it wasn’t that Father Abraham is Dead track) so am posting Julian Jonah – Jealousy & Lies (Acid Lies mix) which I’ve just put up on youtube instead.


So, I‘ve been trying to fill my collection of Record Mirrors from 1988-1991 when it stopped publishing. Recently found someone on ebay with a decent collection for a great price and got them sent to my parents place.

The courier delivered them into a recycling bin (with signature, somehow) that was recycled on the same day. I‘m not even sure how to feel about it, who puts stuff in your bin while you‘re out?

For the longest time I misheard the lyrics to Kelly‘s Heroes by Black Grape as the above. I’m not sure my interpretation is entirely incorrect anyway.

Oh, and I see I’m publishing on a Monday now.

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A promising start this week, an Acid House byline on the cover and an Alan Moore feature inside. In this particular copy someone cut out a bit of the cover and some of the pages have faded to time so I’m assuming there were free acid tabs with this one that have been claimed by the previous owner. (The Sisters of Mercy don’t look half as menacing with Prefab Sprout foppishly peeking out from above Andrew’s head.)

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